Adam Foster Biography

Adam Foster has been performing since his teens; playing festivals, nightclubs, and listening rooms in New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville.  He is known for his insightful singing and songwriting; accompanied by his guitar.  His rock, blues, and country sounding mix draws influence from Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, and Neil Young. calls Adam a “powerhouse talent who can sing his heart out” while Brandon Rarig of says that Adam “shines out like two-thousand lumens”. 

Adam has released numerous albums of original material.  His self-titled debut album (2004) was a solo acoustic affair with a folksy flair.  He has since followed that up with albums of full band accompaniment including “Dreamer’s Escape” (2006), “Little Tornadoes” (2011), “Adam Foster and the Phantoms” (2014), “Adam and the Explorers” (2017), and “Dirty City” (2019).  He has also released an album of instrumentals; simply called “Instrumentals” in 2012.  His side project work includes playing with the band Border Patrol on their 2012 release “A Celebration with Mixed Spirits”.  His new album “Late Bloomer” is due out in the fall of 2022.

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