Dirty city

Dirty City

Released: October 4th, 2019

Dirty City


  1. Dirty City
  2. Hotel Nowhere
  3. Talk to Me (Sarah’s Song)
  4. Avacados
  5. Carolina
  6. Terrible Walls
  7. Pretty Face
  8. Tell it Blues
  9. Talina (Broken Ballerina)
  10. Through this Storm


Produced by Randy Ross

Adam Foster-Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Harmonica
Randy Ross-Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
Matthew Hunt-Vocals
Matt Miller-Drums
Emmie Jones-Vocals
David Lukens-Keyboard

All Songs Written by Adam Foster [BMI] except
“Dirty City” written by Adam Foster and Sam Ruder
and “Pretty Face” written by Adam Foster and Matthew Hunt.

Recorded at Sadler Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
Engineered and Mixed by Randy Ross.
Mastered by Justin Croft.

Photography and Graphic Design by Luis Gonzelez.

Special thanks to Jared Rose.

This album is dedicated to the loving memories of
 Sarah Ray and Jill Denise Crowley.