Adam & the explorers

Adam and the Explorers

Released: July 27, 2017


  1. Phony Tough Guy
  2. Scooter Girl
  3. Fast Jet
  4. Snow Day
  5. Dream Big
  6. River of Tears
  7. Steven Riley
  8. Nashville, TN
  9. Charming Lies
  10. Too Poor

All songs written by Adam Foster. (BMI)


Adam Foster: Vocals, Guitar
Kyle Berger: Drums, Vocals
Caleb Nixon: Bass, Vocals, Canjo
Jared Rose: Guitar
Jon Loyd: Keyboards
Chris Schaffner: Saxophone
Natalie Lurie: Vocals, Harp
Cobi Ferguson: Mandolin, Guitar

Recorded at the Electric Kite Studio
In Madison, Tennessee.
Engineered and Mixed by Matt Stager.

Mastered by Justin Croft at the
Old Hawkins Street Studio;
Nashville, Tennessee.

Cover Painting by Pluvia Laxos.
Photography by Deb Jackson.
Graphic Design by Nancy Hagen.